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Room to breathe, where you can inhale spirit filled thought that will inspire you to be at cause for positive actions and force you exhale everything slowing you down from moving forward. When your back is against the wall remember to always create Room To Breathe.
Why Does God Allow Bad Things to Happen Ep.1
God gave everybody the freedom to choose and we
can choose our choices not our consequences.
There is a cycle that everyone will have to go through
and the truth is you have to trust the process and be
willing to go through the process.
Favor, When It Seems Like He is not There Ep.2

Throughout the book of Esther, GOD is not mentioned anywhere but it is clear that He was very present. Esther and her Mordecai had been through a lot however they had favor and purpose in their life.

How many of you have been in a situation where you felt all alone? You have been through tough times and felt like giving up and just letting go however you never know when God is working behind the scene. The truth is God is always working behind the scene setting the stage for were He is taking you. This episode will take you on Esther's journey and allow you see how her willingness to submit to God's plans can really change your life.

Favor is waiting on you to surrender to GOD.
Reaching Back To Move Foraward Ep.3
Whatever happened to the days when there was a healthy respect for family? When you knew you better be home before the street lights came on? When what Madea said was final, everybody listened. There is a disconnect in the family structure today, and something has to change. In this episode we will hear about how we can extend ourselves to provide support to progress towards the future. When we stand together, we are all Stronger!
Our Deepest Fear Ep.4
What comes to mind when you think about the word Fear? I’m sure there are a number of things that come to mind. Understand that fear can and will paralyze you if allowed. Webster's definition of fear is a feeling of alarm caused by the expectation of danger, pain, disaster, or the like. Now that we know what it is, let's see how it negatively impacts you and how you can turn it around and be empowered and with the assurance you can do whatever you put your mind to.
Don’t Make Me Tell You Again Ep.5

We have all heard the phrase Obedience is Better than Sacrifice and it is true. But oftentimes we allow ourselves to get in the way of that truth. That could be because of the jealousy or envy we talked about last week or pure anger and hatred. This week is literally about getting out of our own way or understanding what that looks like if we don’t. We have to Make Room for God and move everything else out of the way.

Root Cause Ep.6
We are all flawed! No one is perfect because we have something that we have been through. As a result of that we most of the time aren’t honest with others about who we are. But we are Often not Honest with OURSELVES about who WE ARE. This show hopefully will help you get to the Root Cause of dishonesty with yourself so that you can be Liberated and walk boldly in that confidence of who you are. The Story of the Bird and the Hawk should help paint the picture.

Ep.7 Worry Less; Be Resilient

What everyone in the world is going through today due to covid, can and will cause people  to have anxiety. It's in those moments that we find ourselves at a crossroads, do we sink or swim. Will we make it or will it take a little longer than we planned because what we are facing is more than we imagined it to be. Trying to go at it alone is not the answer and we will explore that thought with a biblical foundation to it. Knowing or getting to a place of understanding that we should Value Truth no matter if it is an easy one or hard one. What should you do to Worry Less and BE Resilient?

Ep.8 Take A Leap
We oftentimes find ourselves in a space trying to figure out where we are going in our lives. Some are really sitting in a place looking at What We Are vs What We Want To Be and there is a huge gap in the middle. What will it take to close that gap that we can absolutely depend on? What if we are stuck because life is right on the edge, hanging in the balance? What do we do? Take A Leap and listen to find out.
Ep.9 What’s Growing in Your Fields?
You Reap What You Sow! This is a statement that is used often but what does it really mean? Some even question is it biblical? What we do know is if you plant a seed something is expected to grow. Does the ground you plant the seed in matter? What impact does that have on your Harvest? Please understand that what you decide gives birth to an outcome. Walk with me today to better understand “What’s Growing in Your Fields?”
Ep.10 A Stone Wall
Anybody with a pulse has been exposed to all of the madness that's happening in the world. These stories tend to try and overshadow some of the good that’s happening in the world and that has a measure of accomplishment. There are some folks who just need a break, they need something to turn in their lives and push them to positive change. What will it take for a shift in the culture and will it require just one to lead or a team? There is Hope to get us back on track if you are willing to help by committing to building a Stone Wall.

Ep.11 Who Are Your They
What is the Value Proposition placed on friendship for grown Folks?What are you or do you look for in a real friend? This is something to really think about because we can’t choose friends like we did when we were children. Does growing up together or having something in common make you a REAL Friend? Let’s spend some time figuring out Who Are Your They?

Ep.12 People Pleasers
How you live your life daily isn’t everybody’s business. Some people choose to share what they have going on, and for the most part that’s cool. However, there are some people who paint a picture of themselves that’s not accurate, and that would suggest a possible Identity Crisis. Life affords us all the opportunity to have different experiences, and it’s those experiences that further shape us. Through that, we accept and adapt some changes, and deny and doubt others based on successes and challenges. We also experience both deep and superficial relationships, where we should learn lessons of both joy and sorrow. Know who you are and honor yourselves without overexposing life. There is Power in Moderation.
Ep.12 People Pleasers
Ep.12 People Pleasers Room To Breathe Show By Min. Jesse Watson Jr.
Published by Min. Jesse Watson Jr. - 19/12/2021
Ep.11 Who Are Your They
Published by Min. Jesse Watson Jr. - 12/12/2021
Ep.10 A Stone Wall
Published by Min. Jesse Watson Jr. - 28/11/2021

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